trained and graduated at the department of ceramics,  at West Surrey College of Art and Design in 1975

  1976 I started my own pottery in Kalmar, Sweden. It has developed and has been very successful and I have become a full-time potter. Any spare time  I now devote to embroidery.

  My creativity follows three parts:
During the week I throw utility pieces in the pottery. White and brown
stoneware, where the emphasis is strictly on function. However I also throw porcelain pieces with simple geometrical décor, rather fragile and delicate in nature. I give workshops and have a lot of exhibitions all over the country.

  The rest of the time I devote to embroidery, where I use my own imagination; colour and form are my main guidelines. This has recently followed increasingly more exotic lines. The thread is my brush, throwing pots and firing them is slow, stitches moves along with greater urgency. 
  Since developing my  embroidery, I am increasingly conscious of the level of fine detail required and as a consequence I comit such detail from my pots, which tend towards more simplified and delicate shapes.

  I look forward to a future combining my love of embroidery with my pottery pieces, some of which I hope you will enjoy when you look at my website.